Fiendish & delicious feeling of superiority

… generated by some friendly creature right beside me in the inetnet cafe, who is loudly threatening his computer, his headphones turned up so loud I can hear the bloody lyrics, mainlining chocolate bars and smacking in tune to the music and, the cherry on top of this sundae, scratching his back side.

Yes, my own nutrition isn’t the best, and I talk to my computer on occasion  (and there is of course that delicious Tom Holt quote on cursing at your desktop) but not in public! Also, I had a trying day/week/year, so 10 minutes in company of someone I can feel smugly superior to does my withered stony heart a load of good.


Ah. Tom Holt:

Everybody curses at their desktop. Even the gold-embossed computer on the hard-wood desk in the Vatican has probably heard language that would make a drunken sailor blush.


(quoted from memory, therefor probably defective)


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